The Scorpio Woman

Love, Dating, Traits

(October 23 – November 24)

“Don’t you dare touch me. You are not allowed to enter this space, you have not followed my rules. NO, I will not hear your reasons, I am banishing you.”

And with a wave of her hand, he was gone.

Are you in love with or do you have a crush on a Scorpio Woman? Good luck, my dear friend. My advice to you, is, try not to get banished, and learn which parts of the web are not sticky, just as the spider has done. A spider weaves it’s own web, and therefore knows where to step and where to not. This magical jigsaw puzzle of life and death. Oh, am I being too intense, too dramatic for you? Well, haha, you definitely need to find another woman then, because I am ONLY scratching the surface here.

With this woman, or Scorpio feminine energy, the more you fight it, the more you will end up tightening the strings around you. The best method is going to be to relax, pretend everything is great and to slip out in the middle of the night, if you must leave her. Except, more likely than not you will magically wake up a few weeks, months or years later and realize you left some “prized possession” behind and you have a deep-seeded urge to go and get it. You must contact her, you must get it back. You think it was your watch, or a family heirloom, but no, no sir. It is your soul.

The moment that you connect deeply, and truly with this woman, is the moment that she injects you with her sweet, delicious, umn, poison? Okay, I am definitely upsetting the Scorpio’s now… but listen, who said that this was a bad thing? I don’t know about you, sometimes the things that we associate with being “poison”, in the right dose, is actually the cure. Yes, this woman is the cure, in the right dose.

I value my life, so I will stop here for right now. All I will say is this:

My Scorpio women, I love you. Truly, I do. Thank you for teaching me to play with my dragons, instead of caging them. Thank you for showing me that the way out was with the same beast that led me in. I am eternally grateful for your presence, deeply, lovingly, grateful. No, I know that you don’t need my love, and just know that in all of those moments when no one else sees the things that you see, know that I understand and that I see them too. Know that in the darkest of times, I am always lighting a candle for you, and you are welcome to let that heat from the fire warm you, when you need it to… if only for a moment. No one else knows this secret, and a secret it will stay.

Forever and always,