The Sagittarius Woman

(November 21 – December 21)

“Are you sure you want to do this?” “Yes, of course I’m sure, I meant what I said.”

Or did she?

The answer is that in that moment, she really did mean it, and now, we just so happen to be in a different moment. 🙂 Welcome aboard! Wilting violets need not apply.

Are you in love with or do you have a crush on a Sagittarius woman? Giddy up for the ride of your lifetime – or maybe just for a month or two, we will see how things go.

The Sagittarius woman isn’t big on commitment, because she is wise enough to know not to proclaim things for a version of herself whom she hasn’t even met yet, and neither should you! The only way to truly catch this woman is by letting her hunt you. As soon as she feels like she has you, she has a tendency to get bored and venture off to find her next big kill. However, once she finds her soulmate, her twin flame, she will never look back. This has to be someone who is constantly growing, gives her freedom and keeps the thrill of the chase alive.

Happy Hunting,