The Aquarius Woman

(January 21-February 19)

“If you understood what I was saying, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, you would just know”

Are you in love with or do you have a crush on an Aquarius woman? Word to the wise: connect through her mind first. This woman is the intellectual master of the zodiac. Don’t let her laid back approach fool you. It’s not that she isn’t aware, it’s that she might just not care, that is, until she does.

The Aquarius woman is much more sensitive than she will ever let you know… she is very understanding and forgiving, because she must always have some level of control (secretly) in the relationship.

She loves her space and her freedom, and she will give you the same in return. If she does not feel valued, she will not fully be present in the relationship, and will start to explore other ventures.

You must appeal to her mind if you want her to truly fall in love with you. If you are the expert, the philosopher in a subject which she loves, then it means you have a chance at true love here.