So, you want to save a relationship with a Scorpio Man or Woman? Well, this is either the easiest thing to fix or heal, or quite possibly the hardest and/or completely impossible.

WARNING: This is not “get your ex back advice”. If a Scorpio man or woman doesn’t want to be with you (or anyone else for that matter), then find someone who appreciates and values you. This is meant to promote healthy relationships.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Said every Scorpio ever. Okay, maybe not that exactly, but my point is that Scorpio’s are famous for using “seduction” tactics to keep you in their peripheral. They like to get you hooked and keep you hooked. Now, with a good Scorpio, this spells pure bliss, and is actually the hottest thing ever. But, with an ill-intentioned Scorpio, this spells utter destruction.

And yes, I say “spells” on purpose. Because that is exactly what Scorpio’s are best at – casting spells.

Why is this important to note and where am I going with this? It is important because in whatever you are going through right now, you are definitely going to have to listen to your head over your heart in these “moments of seduction”.

Scorpio man or woman does not like dating people who will put up with everything – aka someone who let’s them treat them badly. So, in other words, what do they like? What are they attracted to?

I am a strong, powerful God/Goddess and this is my value. You must treat me with this value if you want to be in my life. I love you, and this isn’t about love, this is about honoring my deepest beauty and sensuality. And what you’re doing right now/what is happening here, isn’t sexy and it isn’t making me open for you and we need to change that.

And then, you must walk away, but not “away”, really, simply, back towards the Divine, towards yourself. Then and only then will they follow you. It might take a bit of time, but if they love you, trust me they will. If they don’t, then you, my friend may have just dodged a bullet.

I love my Scorpio’s and I love all of you. You deserve to be in an amazing relationship, and you are beautiful, divine love.

Please book an appointment with me if you need help with this one.

Lovingly, always,


Scorpio men and women:

  • Can be very vengeful, however, if you were deeply honest with them they CAN be surprisingly forgiving
  • Loves the idea of death and rebirth in their relationships. So, low lows, and high highs are to be expected here
  • Still want to know that when you ARE with them, you are deeply vulnerable and able to open with and for them
  • Love challenges that they know they can win
  • Are famous for testing their lovers – this could also be a test