Do you want to know how to save a relationship with a Sagittarius man or woman? This is not really a “get your ex back” manual, however, I will say that as far as getting people back goes, a Sagittarius is usually more game than other astrological signs, as long as they were the ones that were more into you than you were – yes, even if they don’t still speak to you. Why is this you might ask? A Sagittarius man or woman is always up for an adventure, and they are less attached to who the adventure is with than what the adventure is. Now, obviously I’m not talking about long-term chemistry in that statement, I am talking about an initial fix.

Of course I don’t hate you, how could I? You remembered that I always wanted to visit Paris and Bali?! Wow, well you must have cared more than I knew.

You see, the trick here is that a Sagittarius man or woman is known for many things, and their memory isn’t one of them. It’s not that they don’t remember, it’s that it’s much less painful for them to think “that everything is always great”. They really don’t like to hold on to negative images – it’s like that saying – revenge is like drinking poison and hoping that it kills the other person. Unless, of course, they don’t respect your intelligence or your dominance, then you can consider yourself chopped liver.

The key to getting a Sagittarius man or woman back is to follow the old “twin-flame” adage.

I’ve been thinking about you and waiting for you, I just needed to work on myself and I can’t picture having fun and going on adventures with anyone but you. Please come with me to the Maldives, please.

Bonus points if you are their teacher, or have taught them anything useful in their own lives. If you haven’t, that might just be why you’re here right now.

You see, a Sagittarius man or woman is always having to teach, and if you can release them of that duty in the bedroom, well, you have their attention. Not to mention, I really hope that you see sex as marathon-esque as possible, because that is another way that you can ensure that this Centaur holds a flame for you into forever. (I know, it’s true.)

So, do some lunges and squats (Sagittarius rules the thighs, yummy) and get ready for some alone time while you give this pony some space. Watch the video below for more info:

(Just don’t wait too long, Sagittarius is well known for their “quick recovery rate” if you know what I mean….)

Lovingly forever,


A Sagittarius Man or Woman:

  • is the sign of higher education, and by higher, I mean higher realms, not status
  • is a truth seeker and they live for honest, different, fun conversations that break boundaries
  • lives for being in environments where they can just be who they are
  • knows the truth about their “good luck” while you weren’t looking, they were preparing, were you?
  • let them hunt you – unless they aren’t hunting you, then invite them out for “an adventure of a lifetime” they won’t be able to say no