If you are looking to save a relationship with a Libra man or woman, I need to first let you in on a little secret – Libra’s can get more attached to you than they would ever, ever admit to.

Even still, these scales of justice are not always as easy as they might seem to balance.

The main contributer to this is the Libran boredom. Yes, they notoriously get bored very, very easily, and you might not ever realize it, because they would be the last person to ever tell you that.

The good news, however, is that when a Libra really does love you, they have a hard time ever letting that go.

It’s almost like you have no idea how much you’ve hurt me…

It’s true, we will probably never know….

The secret to gaining the love of a Libra man or woman is that you must have a strong personality. You must be sure of what you love and enjoy, and you must be exciting.

In other words, be the love that they never thought existed. This will call for a heavy dose of forgiveness, and being able to go with the flow.

You see, many Libra men and women had dramatic childhoods, and so they really craved that deep love, and yet questioned whether or not they could truly ever have it all. Does unconditional love ever even exist? Whatever happened to the romance, the fairytale?

They need these things, they crave true love, they dream about the fairytale.

And so, here we are, rebuilding who we are as Prince, or Princess charming, and you’d better work quickly before the Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger once again, never to open her eyes for love, ever again. (Don’t you do this to them).

To my beautiful Libra’s: I love you. I love you for making me believe in the fairytale, so much so that I woke up inside of it.


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Libra men and women:

  • Sometimes have troubled relationships with their family, so their friend often become their family. Never come between this!
  • Like predictability, but don’t be afraid to throw them off the track sometimes if they get too complacent
  • Never “tell” a Libra what to do – your actions are the best way of showing them
  • Strong, sure individuals make a Libra feel safe – if you don’t know who you are, it will give them anxiety
  • Love perfection and loves when you love their hidden imperfections