Are you wondering how to save a relationship with a Leo Man or Woman? You have come to the right place. This kitty likes to play games, and if you aren’t up for the dramatic road ahead, pack your catnip back into your suitcase and find another playground.

Leo Men and Women live for the crescendo, for the climax, for the rise, the fall, the hero, the heroin, but only when they are the main characters. Their only wish in life is to find their supporting actor/actress to walk the red carpet of love with.

If you are an attentive, physically affectionate lover who makes this Lion look good, then you definitely have a chance.

You see, the Leo Man or Woman truly wants a King or Queen to match them, and this isn’t an easy task. They even love to test you, to see whether or not you’re truly a loyal subject.

That never happened?! I don’t know what you’re talking about. Wait a minute – what do you mean that you set the whole situation up to see how I would act? Are you insane???

That’s right, Leo Men and Women love to watch life play out, and even better, like to throw some tricks into the mix. Be careful – never let a Leo Man or Woman play with you, because they can definitely have a dark side when it comes to this.

Do you increase their chances of getting recognized? Do you make them look good? Are you playful or have you been taking this adult thing a little bit too seriously?

Now is your time to step back into your own spotlight and have a little fun. Get your hair done, and make sure that the world knows who you truly are (in an amazing, healthy, secure, valued way).

Let them conquer their King/Queen – they love the thrill of the chase (just don’t get too far away). Actually, conquer probably isn’t the right term, because they never want to feel like they “have you”. They do however want to feel like you are loyal to the core, just not like you aren’t standing in your own brilliance.

Are you in love with a Leo Man or Woman? As long as you turn the tables and demand excellence, there is hope in saving this relationship.

To all of my beautiful Leo’s – thank you for helping me get myself together when no one else was watching, and keeping it as our little secret, almost like it never happened. I know that I owe you one,

Love forever,



Decide what loyalty means to them, so ask them what their idea of this means

Can be less wild, more playful (yes there is a difference)

Want you to recognize and value them and YOURSELF first

Always have to please others, and love when they get this back without asking for it