Here we are, at a crossroads with our Gemini Man or Woman. You want to know how to save your relationship with your Gemini Man or Woman?

Did you really just make me repeat myself?

Well, it’s time to play Wendy in this world of Peter Pan. That’s right – get your nightgown on, make a wish and then leave it in the hands of the ethereal, and don’t stop playing in the process.

Gemini’s are less likely to keep a connection going when they haven’t created a connection with your friends and/or family. The more bought in to your “love” community that they are, is the more that they will feel like they want to make things work.

If they don’t like your people, this Gemini man or woman might already have left the party.

The first thing that you need to do is open your eyes to the reality of the situation. With a Gemini, there is no point in talking about the minute details – you need to address the elephant in the room immediately.

What have they been trying to tell you your entire relationship? ASK THEM!!! They will tell you, and it will be your time to truly listen to what they have been trying to tell you, because a Gemini is pretty straight forward when they care about you – and if they aren’t, then this isn’t a relationship worth saving anyways.

It might be time for an intense honesty-bearing session – yes get the popcorn and the sleeping bags out, then give them their space.

Gemini men and women:

  • Gets bored very easily – they need constant stimulation
  • You haven’t shown them your other side, so they don’t feel comfortable showing you theirs
  • Is more romantic than people give them credit for – they live for falling in love
  • Freedom, Fantasy and Depth are keys to true love with this sign
  • Can always tell what your true intentions are, and don’t always feel the need to tell you what they see in your future