How to save a relationship with a Capricorn Man or Woman

Do you want to save a relationship with a Capricorn Man or a Capricorn Woman? You have come to the right place...

When it comes to love with a Capricorn, there can be many reasons why the relationship isn't working out, like maybe you weren't kinky enough, or they don't like your job choice or success level... Okay, okay, enough kidding... it's really because they do not value what you are offering in an intimate relationship with them. 

Capricorn men and women are all about value, and if by chance you do not value yourself, they simply will not be attracted to you. 

If, for example, you allow a Capricorn man or woman to not treat you well, and you stay with them despite this, they really will not deeply love and value you anyways. They like to work hard for the things that they own, and they like a good, sultry mystery and challenge. 

It's time to get your own life together and step into your value because this is the true meaning of what is happening with this Capricorn man or woman. 

And if all else fails, they like "expensive things" so buy them a Trump Tower or something - aren't those on sale these days?! I'm kidding - they wouldn't like that at all. You become their prized possession, you become the valuable thing that they cherish and/or respect, and it starts with cultivating your own deep passion first. Need some help with this? Book a Coaching Session or Reading with Me and watch the video below.

You deserve that deep valuable love, and when you look into the mirror, I need you to see the gold within.

Sending you love,