How to Save a Relationship with an Aries Man or Woman

Do you want to save a relationship with an Aries Man or Woman?

Or are you just curious about why your relationship with an ex Aries didn’t work out?

You came to the right place…

An Aries lives for the thrill of the chase – they are the eternal conquerors. If an Aries man or woman feels like no matter what they do to you, you will lay there like a rug and take it, well, they might wipe their feet on you a couple of times before the ice cream truck comes blazing down the street, full of treats, to whisk them away.

Not laughing? Having a sense of humour will help you greatly with this one… and yes I’m being serious.

You see, Aries people don’t really like when things “get too serious”. They like adventure, freedom and exciting journey’s. They love seeing a man or woman with a sexy body that they clearly take care of (READ: someone who despite whatever is happening in their life, they can always fit in a workout.) Really, it’s for your own good anyways, an Aries would say.

However, if having you in their life creates more opportunities in the realms of creativity, adventure and ignites their hunting nature, they will gladly chase you into forever.

As soon as the “relationship” becomes your idea, they have already started constructing their very well-written exit strategy. Not like they needed one, but they wanted to make it look like they at least thought about it, and cared for a moment or two.

Is your adventure worth the price of admission? If not, then this is the first place to start, but please, PLEASE do it for you, and not for them, any true Aries that I know wouldn’t have it any other way anyways – trust me!

An Aries Man or Woman:

is very attracted to adventurous lovers

is used to always getting what they want – PLOT TWIST

will only ride on the most exciting roller coasters

is very attracted to lovers with a healthy physique