Please note: I have currently stopped offering single Hypnotherapy sessions in order to make more space for monthly coaching clients. I do now, once again, have a few spots open if you are looking to commit to working together on a weekly basis for a minimum of four months. If you have tried to resolve your issues in the past without getting results and are determined to find a resolution, this just might be it. My coaching program is only for you when you are truly ready to step out of your comfort zone and do the deeper work. Trauma exists in the body, therefore it is critical that you only reach out to me if you are ready to begin your journey in the world of embodiment and tapping into the true power of your sexual energy. You must have courage to begin this journey and when you are ready, please send me a message and I will happily guide you into your own unique awakening. It's about time!!


Pamela xx

I was obsessed...

I was working for one of the top coaching companies in North America, where people would pay THOUSANDS of dollars each year to learn how to become extremely wealthy entrepreneurs. I worked with people who had nothing, and others who had more than the average person could have ever dreamt about having, and each day I became more and more obsessed...

What was the difference? How could two people from similar backgrounds have such dramatically different lives?

In one, the individual could easily and effortlessly attract all of the business and money that they wanted.

And in the other, it seemed like nothing they did gave them the things that they wanted - exhausting their resources and still not getting the things that they so desperately worked for.

What is it?

At the time, the Vice President of the company approached me with an opportunity - but first, he said, I would have to take this course to learn how to "reprogram people's belief systems and help them make rapid change."

Little did I know that that course would change my life...

I soon started to notice that even though many of these very successful millionaires seemed happy on the outside, a lot of them were always missing one critical piece:

a deep, authentic connection - true love.

And so, I set out on my path to uncover they keys to finding love - true love, deep, honest, juicy love. What I discovered was that each person has a different road map than the other. Yours looks differently than your best friend's does, for example. You have different wants, different needs, and must heal different things in order to get what you truly desire.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of people get the things that they have wanted. I have helped hundreds of people understand their path and also helped them to rip out the garbage (and in some cases deep trauma) that had been suffocating their growth - preventing them from getting those things that they wanted so badly.

And now, I can help you too.