virgo manThe Virgo Man

(August 22 – September 22)

“One for me, one for you, here I thought you didn’t like to be alone, and it now seems to be just us two.” The Virgo man, do you really love him? Do you really have a crush on him? He probably has no idea. Yes, I get it, you told him five times, and no, he still doesn’t know. This only becomes a problem if he treats you with anything less than love. This man is all about the acts of service (boring) I know. I don’t know about you, but I just love, love, love a hot, sweaty man, outside mowing my lawn for me. Okay, fine, we have different tastes, I get that, but then why are you here? This is one man you won’t have an ounce of luck in changing. Try a Cancer instead. Just leave the tissues over here please, because you’ll need it once you find out who this man really is, deep down inside. Yes, this is a paid advertisement for the Virgo man. (Psssst, if you’re a Virgo and you’re reading this, please donate… oh wait, you’re too cheap for that) Oh no! I let an insult slip, I promised I wouldn’t insult you guys. But, only because you guys get enough flack from everyone else. I just so happen to be a bit of a weirdo, a hippie weirdo to be exact – hence my intense love for everything Virgo. I know, I know, I can’t help myself. It must only be because I never date them. I like to keep my Virgo’s in the display, all nice and shiny, and cuddle them when no one else is watching, or when everyone else no longer finds my dark humor funny. Thank you for loving me, I must therefore love you first, back, always. Just don’t let this man’s perfectionism creep into your territory and you’ll be fine… 🙂

Love you for all of your secret darkness which has led me to the most beautiful light,

Always, and forever, even and especially when I say that I don’t…