the scorpio man

The Scorpio Man

(October 23 – November 21)

“Please, let me go, please. I promise, I won’t think that ever again.” The dark void, the deep depths. Ouch, I think I just felt something in my back. Whether you are in love with or simply have a crush on a Scorpio man, I bid you farewell my good friend. I am going to give you a gift, a small blue box in which you can keep a part of yourself, a part of yourself that you may need at some point when you are gasping for┬ábreath. You must not show this box to anyone, not even your own self. Do you hear me? Good, now go on, you will be just fine. I will be right here with you, I promise. Scorpio man; please be good to this one, okay?

I will love you always and forever, but mostly because I just don’t have a choice,