sagittarius man

The Sagittarius Man

(November 21 – December 21)

“Oh my God, it’s beautiful… how did you know that this exists? Please tell me, how did you find this?” The same thing that we love about you is the same thing that hurts us the most. Whether you are in love with or have a crush on a Sagittarius man, please tell me that you have already retained and cultivated your soul and spirit. Otherwise, when he looks at another with the same amazement that he once had when he looked at you, you will feel that soul be crushed. He didn’t mean to do it, he had to. He had to teach you a lesson which will make you the woman you are meant to be. The lesson that you must never trust your soul to another, the lesson of value. You should have known that you were a Goddess already, and you should have known that each thing that he does and did was to see how much you truly believed that. You must stand tall on that pedestal, my love, especially when you don’t want to. You must rekindle your spirit before embarking on this beautiful adventure, and please make sure that he has done the same, otherwise I suggest that you find another.

I love you deeply, with tears and stars in my eyes, always and forever,