the leo man

The Leo Man

(July 22 – August 22)

“I’ve never met anyone like you either, I just don’t know what it is… it just feels so… hello? Are you there? HELLLLLOOOOOOOO???” How did it get from steaming hot to ice cold in 0.3 seconds? Only the Lion knows. If you’re in love with a Leo man or simply have a crush on one, you’ll know if he is still into you if he still takes your phone calls. Hey, hey now, no one said anything about marriage. I said IN TO. As in he will gladly be in you, and to you, but maybe we need to clarify what exactly this whole thing is anyways. The woman that he marries is the woman that is better than him, but not TOO much better. Yes, you figure that one out. This man is the reason why I only put nail polish on half of my nails, you know to level the playing field a little bit. Hopefully you are good at playing the wounded animal game, and if not I’ll teach you. Pre-tell what is that, you ask?! “Yes, I’m very hurt by that”, you say, in between sips of your martini with the girls. He loves a good drama. I say, it’s a shame not to dangle the pom pom a little bit for this kitty. My question has always been, does the cat ever really feel that great once they actually get the mouse for good? They generally leave the poor thing dead, on someone else’s doorstep. Ironically, someone they often look up to. Very, very strange behaviour for a King, isn’t it. Well, that’s exactly it, my lady, make sure you meet him as a King, or ideally, right before he gets the crown. You do not want the young Prince. He needs to sow his seeds first. Luckily for you, he is a real giving soul. That makes up for his penchant for hunting… almost. My sweet Leo, I told you, we can still be friends, I just don’t like to share my toys or my cans of tuna. Let me know when you catch that salmon, and I promise, I will be back over for dinner with bells on.

I love you – no one gives better belly rubs than you do…

Forever, and always (as long as you keep purring)