gemini man

The Gemini Man

(May 20 – June 20)

“Dearest, I am home, is that you? Where are you hiding?” Don’t expect to necessarily have dinner ready for you when you get home after a long day, but do expect to find this man up to some of his usual playful antics. Whether you are in love with or simply have a crush on a Gemini man, your definition of what you think is fun will ultimately determine the outcome of this relationship. All that he really wants to know is who is responsible for making him grow up so quickly?! (Let’s hope that it wasn’t you). Beware of the Gemini man who brings up marriage or tells you you are his ideal woman on the very first date, because this man views words as a magical woodworking tool, used to whittle out whatever scene he would like. Make sure you see the full scene first before you agree to getting on that magic carpet ride. And then, OOPS, you realize you only requested to see the first scene, and there, in the shed, he had the play completed, and it looked shockingly different than how that first piece of the puzzle seemed. Welcome to the Gemini maze. If you’re no fun, then he won’t show up to his play dates any more. The temple that I built was built specifically for this guy, just kidding, it was built to specifically keep this guy out. You know who you are! Come on now, giggle with me, just for a second. Pretty please… cultivate you’re temple, sweet child, you will need it when the other face appears.

Love you forever and always, especially when we are both playing in the stars,