the aquarius man

The Aquarius Man

(January 19 – February 18)

*A light sweeps in from above, illuminating a man, in the corner* “Oh my God, you came! You look much younger than I remember, you look so different, but I know that it is you. I knew you were coming, I have waited for so long.” As this man ages, he gets younger, in a way. His soul was slowly rocked by the wind and the waves, before he entered his mother’s womb. He may even remember this feeling…but wait, we must focus now. How do you bring him back to earth without him wanting to be away once again? It’s a tricky balance, for sure. A delicate blend of fairytale, and, well, dark, intangible smoke. Yes, I’m sorry, the light that you have in your hand right now won’t do, but you do have something else in your arsenal which might help you… yes that’s right, that thing you have been holding onto. Yes, you must get rid of that now, you will have to in order to move forward. What is beneath the fog, the smoke, you ask? I shudder inside as I cannot answer your question, my love. It could be heaven and it could be hell, sadly, I am not privy to this information. Well, that’s not true, I am, yet I have been instructed not to tell you. Because if I tell you what lies beyond the fog, then you will not sacrifice that thing which you keep holding onto… it hurts, I know, but you must go now.

I am waiting for you on the other side… yes my dear I know which side you will choose before you choose it, and I will be there.

I have always loved you, and I will in every lifetime,