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How to increase sperm count in men

There are many natural ways to increase sperm count in men. Your mind and body are more powerful than you might recognize and in order to increase sperm count, you must make sure that these things are in an optimal state of health. (Of course you must also rule out any underlying medical conditions first, […]

Playing it safe vs stepping into your value

A Coaching Moment… Playing it safe vs stepping into your value. This is something that I used to struggle with in a very real way, and I think that it is more common for people than not. Most of my clients also bring this idea up with a lot of confusion and conflict around what […]

Debunking the Masculine vs Feminine Energy MYTH (PLUS: an insight to Polarity and attraction!)

That’s it – it is time to set the record straight. I have seen one too many “throw out the labels vs. you are not feminine/masculine enough” videos and it is time to clear up this myth, the myth of Feminine vs Masculine Energy. First of all – in MOST of these videos, the very […]

Your Sexual Confidence is By Far One Of The Sexiest Qualities that You Can have

Sexual Confidence is Oh, So, Sexy… I have been granted the gift of being with lovers who had this quality and I have also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum, and there is nothing that feels as amazing as being with someone who is Sexually Confident. Of course, this begins within ourselves, we cannot […]

5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Left That Bad Relationship and What to Do about it Now

We have all been there – in varying degrees. Whether we are talking about a relationship that is really bad, or a relationship that is just not exactly what you want, the same rules apply, and the steps towards what you want are the same… they might simply feel lighter, in less intense scenarios. 5 […]