Honesty & Your Orgasms – Sexual Sunday

With each lie they told, I moved further and further away from orgasmic bliss. The only thing was, is that I thought it was normal. I thought that there was something wrong with me.

Lies and deceit have to be at the top of the list for death to multiple orgasms everywhere. Not only that, sadly, if you have been in a partnership where the person was completely dishonest with you, it can also effect your future relationships and ability to true open to another person – to truly let go and climax.

What a crying fucking shame that is – but it can be fixed.

But how do you fix this? How do you correct this cycle (if it is a cycle for you)? You must begin, yourself by being Radically Honest. (Here is a great book called Radical Honesty: http://amzn.to/2y6k3Uc)

Because, you see, when you are radically honest about everything, including the feelings in your body, your intuitions, and your standards, you’ll notice that people are also more honest with you.

Honesty is not just in what you say, it is in what you stick to and commit to. If you honestly love yourself, you will stick and stand in your loving standards.

The more honest that you are with another is the more attractive that you are and you will have better orgasms along with it.

When you feel comfortable being yourself, you feel comfortable letting go which is exactly what you need to do to relax and experience pure bliss.

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You deserve to be in an honest, loving union and you deserve to have amazing, deep, juicy, sex in that union.

Sending you love and healing,