Self-Pleasure for Maximum Orgasmic Results

What does the world so desperately need more of? I think that we both know the answer to that…


And how, oh how do we give this pleasure to the world? By gifting the permission to access this pleasure to each and every one of you. Take your own pleasure into your own hands…

Quite often people ask me to “talk about tantra” or “tantric sex positions” and my question to you is – what good is a sex position without being able to access the deepest states of bliss on your own? Without the help of anyone else…

What if instead you had the most delicious self-pleasure ritual, which created a space that allowed you to attract the things you’ve only ever dreamt about?

We must all start here first… by strengthening your ability to access this bliss, you will start to attract bliss, you will become healthier, more vibrant and more deeply intuitive.

The more that you hear the call of your body, is the more deeply you will be able to speak directly to it. More importantly, the more that you are able to give yourself this pleasure is the less open you are to letting anyone in your life who doesn’t also want you to feel this way.

Has your relationship hit a dry patch? Inject some sensuality and pleasure back into yourself and notice how it spills over to the other person… Instead of complaining, take matters into your own hands and start your own self-pleasuring ritual so that you can become the master of your own orgasms, so that you can hold your own sexual power.

Trauma is stored in the body, and to get rid of it, you must replace it with pleasure. All trauma is begging to be opened and replaced by deep, pleasure – and you hold the key to accessing this healing right now. In fact, the more that you rely on someone else to bring you to this orgasmic state is the further that you get from your true sexual power.

I am not saying that having a partner is not healing – because it can be one of the most deeply healing things in the world, I am saying that you must start here first.

You are what you attract


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