How to Taste and Smell like a God/Goddess

I don’t know about you, but nothing turns me on more than watching someone eating a ripe juicy mango, while still covered in sweat from their workout.

It’s sexy because of what it represents. It represents that that person most likely tastes and smells like a God/Goddess, because they treat themselves that way. They treat their body like a temple and it is reflected in how good they smell – their natural pheromones, calling you over.

If you think about the “origin” of this idea, it relates directly to your perceived fertility. The healthier you are, the more fertile you seem, and that speaks to the cave man/woman in all of us.

This does not mean that you have to look like a fitness model, more so just that you put love and health into your body, mind and soul. Creating a certain ambiance around your entire being.

You ARE a temple, and you must treat yourself like one to be happy in your own skin. When you treat yourself so well on the inside and out, you will find that you are happy without anyone else there and that having a partner in crime ads to that feeling. You will find that this juicy joy will penetrate into all of your relationships as well.

Trust me.

What can you do right now to start smelling good and tasting amazing?


  • Eating red meat and dairy
  • Smoking
  • Eating Processed foods
  • Using Un-Natural Health products – these can alter your hormones, believe it or not
  • Drinking alcohol (at least cut back)
  • Eating “dead” foods


  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables (pineapple, grapes, mint, watermelon, cranberry juice all make you taste and smell amazingly)
  • Flossing – it is more important than just brushing you teeth
  • Wearing breathable clothing (especially under garments) Cotton is the way to go
  • Eating non-dairy probiotics like kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha or taking a probiotic daily
  • Drink plenty of water – your urine should be clear every single day! Yes, a clear color vs. yellow. Yellow means you need more water!
  • Using natural products. You can check here to see what to watch out for:¬†
  • Exercise!!! Full body workouts help to increase your pheromone levels
  • Decrease stress (stress and anger releases undesirable scents)
  • A healthy self-love routine – give love to your body, massage your body with coconut oil and bring life and love back to all of the areas which need it most
  • Eat living foods – fruits and vegetables

Is there something else going on that you can’t figure out? Let me help you! Book a one-on-one coaching session with me here, and I will help you smell and taste better in no time!

Sending you good health and healing,